Debris RemovalMarine Salvage & Wreck Removal

If you work in the marine construction industry, you know how important it is to keep our waterways free of debris. After all, underwater obstructions can impede your ability to perform your business operations safely and effectively. 

Debris removal doesn’t just involve removing obstacles from our waterways. It can be just as essential to remove wrecked vessels and recover their cargo from our rivers, lakes, and oceans. 

Need a waterway cleared, or to recover something? 

KT Divers has you covered. Our dive team has over 30 years of experience completing projects large and small. We specialize in a variety of removal and clean up services:

Marine Salvage & Wreck Removal  

Maritime incidents can result in ships that are sunken and need to be retrieved. In some cases, the vessel may be able to be repaired and may require towing to a repair facility. In other cases, the watercraft may simply need to be cleared so that the normal waterway function can return. 

Cargo Recovery

Some projects require the removal of a wrecked ship and its cargo. In many cases, the ship’s cargo or equipment’s retrieval is more urgent than the recovery of a wrecked vessel. A quick response may save a business from losing critical materials to their operations. 

Debris Removal & Clean Up

There are many cases where waterways are obstructed by general debris. Waterway incident, marine construction site, a flood, or even a hurricane can all result in unwanted debris in our rivers, lakes, and oceans. In these cases, the debris needs to be removed promptly to allow waterways to be properly utilized. 

KT Divers can respond at a moment notice to clear marine salvage, wrecks, debris, and cargo from any waterway. Whether the project is large or small, we are ready for the job.

To learn more about KT Diver’s debris or wreck removal services, contact us at (512) 588-0655 or email

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