The Importance of Offshore Commercial Diving Services

Offshore commercial divers work tirelessly to ensure our waterways stay safe and unobstructed. They specialize in helping with a wide range of services that are becoming increasingly necessary. These services include underwater inspections, maintenance and repairs for the oil and gas industry, hurricane response, and marine salvage and wreck removal. Underwater Inspection and Repair for…


Control Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels are a highly invasive threat to lakes, ponds, and rivers. While tiny, these invaders adversely affect our waterways by damaging structures, and clogging water supply pipes and facilities. They can attach themselves to boat motors, docks, water reservoirs, pipelines, and even native mussels.  Eliminating this invasive mussel requires the expertise of a trained…

Commercial Diving Marine Construction Texas

The Impact of Commercial Diving on the Marine Construction Industry

Many marine construction projects require the use of a skilled and experienced commercial diving team. Commercial divers are traditionally contracted to work on these projects to provide inspections, maintenance, debris removal, and various other underwater services requested to complete the job. Hiring a skilled diving team with extensive training in marine construction and inspection techniques is essential…